Facing Persecution with Faith: The Story of Go and Save Ministries

The Birth of Go and Save Ministries

Go and Save Ministries was born out of a profound vision to spread the message of Jesus and serve the global Church. Founded by a group of passionate believers who felt a divine calling, the ministry started with humble beginnings in a small, rural community. Their mission was clear: to reach the unreached, disciple new believers, and support local churches in their efforts to evangelize. Inspired by the Great Commission in Matthew 28:19-20, the founders of Go and Save Ministries dedicated their lives to fulfilling Jesus’ command to make disciples of all nations.

The Mission and Vision

From its inception, the mission of Go and Save Ministries has been rooted in the teachings of Jesus. The ministry aims to preach the Gospel, provide spiritual guidance, and offer practical assistance to those in need. Their vision is to see a world where every person has had the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ and be part of a loving church community. This mission and vision have driven the ministry to reach out to some of the most remote and hostile regions, often facing significant challenges and opposition along the way.

Evangelism in Hostile Environments

One of the most notable aspects of Go and Save Ministries is their commitment to evangelizing in hostile environments. In many areas where they operate, Christianity is not only frowned upon but actively persecuted. The ministry’s teams often work under the constant threat of arrest, violence, and even death. Despite these dangers, their resolve remains unshaken. They have developed innovative methods to share the Gospel, such as covert Bible distributions, secret house churches, and digital evangelism, all aimed at ensuring the message of Jesus reaches those who need it most.

Supporting the Persecuted Church

In addition to evangelism, Go and Save Ministries places a strong emphasis on supporting the persecuted Church. Many believers in hostile regions face severe hardships, including social ostracism, economic deprivation, and physical violence. The ministry provides crucial support through training, resources, and encouragement. They help establish underground networks of believers, offer theological education, and provide practical aid such as food, shelter, and medical care. This support is vital in enabling persecuted Church to stand firm in their faith and continue their witness for Jesus Christ.

Stories of Faith and Perseverance

The impact of Go and Save Ministries is evident in the countless stories of faith and perseverance that emerge from their work. One such story is that of John, a young man who encountered the ministry while living in a country where Christianity is banned. Through the ministry’s secret meetings, John heard the Gospel and accepted Jesus Christ as his Savior. Despite facing arrest and torture, John refused to renounce his faith. His unwavering commitment inspired many others in his community to seek the truth of Jesus, leading to the establishment of a thriving underground church. Stories like John’s highlight the incredible faith and resilience of those touched by Go and Save Ministries.

The Power of Prayer and Partnership

Prayer and partnership are the lifeblood of Go and Save Ministries. The ministry relies heavily on the prayers of believers worldwide to sustain their efforts. They have witnessed firsthand the miraculous power of prayer in providing protection, opening doors for evangelism, and bringing comfort to the persecuted. Additionally, partnerships with churches, organizations, and individuals are crucial in providing the necessary resources and support for their work. Financial contributions, volunteer involvement, and advocacy all play a vital role in enabling the ministry to continue its mission and expand its reach.

Challenges and Triumphs

The journey of Go and Save Ministries is marked by both challenges and triumphs. The constant threat of persecution, limited resources, and the logistical difficulties of operating in hostile regions present significant obstacles. However, the ministry has also experienced remarkable triumphs, including the growth of underground churches, the conversion of former persecutors, and the miraculous provision of resources. These victories serve as powerful reminders of God’s faithfulness and the effectiveness of the ministry’s efforts. The perseverance and dedication of the ministry’s teams, coupled with the support of their partners, have enabled them to overcome challenges and continue making a profound impact.


In conclusion, the story of Go and Save Ministries is a compelling testament to facing persecution with faith. From their humble beginnings to their expansive reach today, the ministry’s unwavering commitment to spreading the message of Jesus Christ and supporting the persecuted Church shines brightly. Their innovative evangelism strategies, steadfast support for persecuted believers, and reliance on prayer and partnership have enabled them to navigate immense challenges and achieve remarkable triumphs. Through their work, Go and Save Ministries not only brings the hope and love of Jesus to the darkest corners of the world but also inspires believers everywhere to stand firm in their faith, no matter the cost. As they continue their mission, the story of Go and Save Ministries serves as a powerful reminder that faith, perseverance, and dedication can overcome even the most formidable obstacles in the service of God’s Kingdom.

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